My name is Ahmed and I have been in the fitness industry for quite a while now. As a person who himself has taken fitness from zero to 100%, I know firsthand how hard it can be to maintain focus, battle mental stress, and physical pain to continue pushing forwards.

I have been through all the struggles and thus have devised an easier, faster, safer, and more efficient way that can help other passionate individuals achieve their dream bodies. This was a hard and long process, but it was worth it, and now I am very excited and motivated to share my experience and expertise with all of you.

My mission is to make fitness fun and achievable for everyone. No matter your age, weight, height, or medical condition, I will give my 100% to help you achieve your body goals with a tailored workout that smoothly fits with your daily work life and a nutritional plan that will do you justice.


With me, you need not worry about compromising professionalism. I am a Level 2 Gym Instructor, a Level 3 Personal Trainer, and a Level 3 GP Referral with a significant number of happy clients.

Moreover, fitness has always been my passion and my goal. With this vigor, I hold the title of 3rd Place NPC WORLDWIDE Natural Classic Physique and 1st place NCP WORLDWIDE British Finals Natural Classic Physique.

No matter what your aim is, from wanting to lose a few pounds to winning national championships, I can help you achieve it. Seeing people love their bodies and wear a smile with confidence is the reward I am looking for and I believe with a little push anyone can achieve that.



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