1-2-1 Personal Training

Imagine having your trainer who helps you every step of the way to shed fat, tone your muscles, ace those curves, and keep you motivated and focused, every minute of the workout. Other than undivided attention you also get a fun and experienced partner to excite your fitness journey.

Personal training works wonders, especially if you are someone who struggles to maintain focus or are a beginner who is unfamiliar with different exercise posters and positions.

Personal Training

Small group personal training is a perfect fitness solution for people who work better in teams and have competitive potential. Being around people who are going through similar body struggles and share the same goal as you can be a huge emotional and psychological motivator that can boost your efficiency. The best part is that you get to make new friends, so you don’t have to be alone in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

A perfect body cannot be achieved by hitting the gym alone. It requires a healthy intake of food as well. You need to train your body from the inside as well as the outside. Thus, having a dietary plan that compliments your body type, daily routine, and ultimate body goals.

I provide customized nutrition plans as well as coaching to teach you about dietary dos and don’ts. The right diet plan is not bland or tasteless, it is just a creative balance of carbs, fats, proteins, and fibers.


The path towards a healthy and happy life is not always smooth. It is easy to lose focus especially if your workout plan is stereotypical. Therefore, to keep you motivated, I also organize special classes that are completely different from your normal routine to bring something fresh and exciting to your service.

50 Plus

As people age, so do their bodies and we tend to neglect the importance of hitting the gym, majorly because we fear the possibility of hurting our bodies. Also, the majority of gyms and fitness trainers focus on weight gain and heavy weight lifting which can be overwhelming for the adult audience as their bodies might not be at their best.

However, the true beauty of physical fitness and training is that it is not bound by age. You can dream of a healthy lifestyle and a lean body no matter what era of life you are in.

My 50+ training program is a calculated and careful selection of the right techniques and equipment. I will work with you to learn about your body’s capacity and ability to devise the best strategy to boost your fitness level through customized and target-specific training courses.

Pre & Post
Natal Training

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift and an experience that every woman should be able to enjoy. It is a process in which the body goes through so much and your physic can change quite a lot from the ideal that you set for yourself.

In earlier times it was considered that pregnant women should reduce the amount of physical exertion as it may negatively affect the baby, However, a good physical workout is healthy for the mother and can also help make delivery easier by reducing the need for a caesarean.

For prenatal training programs, I develop a workout plan that is realistic and goal-oriented. Of course, the workouts are personalized and their intensity is optimized according to the medical conditions, previous physical activity record, and pregnancy duration of each client.



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